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» Life, the Universe, and Everything
whoo boy. Just did a horse stance for 5 minutes in the living room. That's the stance that goes like this: except in Hung Ga Kung Fu, your feet are straight instead of out at angles. I'm taking a "mock test" on Friday, to prepare me for the real test at the end of May. The test consists of a five minute horse stance, some light sparring, and showing my form, Gung Ji Kuen. Everyone tells me I'll be fine, but shit, my friggin legs are hurtin like hell after the horse stance at home, and I can kinda cheat here. At the test they're gonna be pullin on my legs to check my stance, slappin me in the abs to make sure they're tensed up, and telling me to sink lower in my stance.

I saw my mom's family on Passover, and it was pretty funny. Every time I used to see them they'd say, "Wow! You got so tall!" This time they said, "wow! You got so BIG!" they're used to seeing me either skinny or kinda chubby. Fact is, since I hit my current height, I've went up from 170 to 230 then down to 200, where I'm just under now. It's weird what a completely different person youI think can become physically in a couple of years.

Reminds me of the beginning of a book I read, I think it was Camus' "The Plague" (though maybe not) where the main character quits smoking just to prove that he is the master of his domain, so to speak. I guess I've always been a hardcore existentialist. (hardcore to the MAX!) I believe people can turn themselves into whatever they want to. Like the little pee-wee gangsters acting like they're thugs in the elementary schools. They spend their lives pretending they're all tough and shit, and before you know it, it's no longer an act. They've grown up, and become what they idealized, and more likely than not are totally dissatisfied. Word??? Word.

School's out, FOREVER!
I had one incomplete to complete and i've completed that incomplete, so now my college career is complete. Everybody's always told me I'd miss school when I was finished... to them I say HA! What they meant was that they missed school when they finished. IE their schools were good and their jobs suck. My school sucked, and my job is pretty awesome.

It was supposed to be a 3 week job. I'd just finished winter school (game theory, I won an A.) and Ivan called me askin if I needed a job. I'm all like 'hell yeah!' Turns out its for a BDSM dungeon, coding in Flash's ActionScript. Unfortunately, I don't know flash, and I don't know actionscript. Three months later, I'm a flash master, and I've gotten pretty damn good at PHP, Mysql, Ajax, JavaScript, and I'm learning Python with WxWidgets, and Java. I'm only makin about $400 a week, but I'm learning on the job, and I show up late to work every day. Dress code is casual. Today I went to work in the wifebeater (sorry, "A" Shirt) that I slept in, cause I was runnin pretty late. And I've learned something about myself. S&M totally grosses me out. And I'm not a squeamish guy. Something about hearing some asshole getting spanked through the wall at 2 pm when I've pretty much just woke up is really disturbing.

Anyways, I gotta go code up a GUI control panel for the boss man in wxPython, so as he can upload more naughty pictures.

p.s. Leffe is good beer.
» Falltime in the City
The Greeks of Astoria are honking their horns and getting wasted this Sunday to celebrate their victory over Germany in the "Eurobasket" (European Basketball) tournament.

Meanwhiles, I'm avoiding writing a paper on mah main man MakaVeli.

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